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for those wondering (or if you care) what 10,000 days stands for. well divide 10,000 by 365 (days in a year, duh) and you get 27. 27 years represents the time that his mother (Judith Marie) was paralyzed, until she died. she was paralyzed for 27 years. there are 2 very deep songs on there that are very, very good.

overall, i think as someone mentioned earlier, it does resemble that of a lateralus b side feel. i find the songs to be just "okay" not real earth shattering like that of lateralus. listen to "right in two" it does have some very great drum fills by DC. it seems almost that Danny didn't experiment too much on this cd like he did on lateralus. either way, he's better than all of us peons,lol. me anyway.
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