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okay heres my story,

i started with 5as broke them in an hour, moved to expensive 5bs, they broke in two days,
went up to 2bs, still broke in a week,

then i found myself getting a pair of m4s from a bargin bin for 10 bucks, lasted me for three months, just becasue thats how long it took to chew through them, i then was told that it was my technique and my kit set up. i flattened out my toms(witch were almost vertical) and stopped hitting so hard.

i continued using m4s untill i started to do fast fills and stuff, they were just too heavey to be able to go fast with. i now use rotate between maple 5as and maple bs. and they are great and very light too. and i get them for 5 bucks a pair.

heres my advice, dont tape ur sticks,(or at least not with gaffer tape) mit made me become very heavy handed. and try and find out if it is your technique, or your kit set up.
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