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Default Re: Buddy Rich on Bonham

Originally Posted by dothecrunge
I highly doubt that Kathy Rich had backstage access, and I also highly doubt that Buddy Rich would've even wanted to go backstage to meet these "incompetant musicians" as he was probably mumbling to himself when he was at the show.
I think quite of other musicians thought Led Zepplin were incopetant. The name Led Zepplin even came from harsh comments, Kieth Moon said "They'll go over like a Lead Zepplin" he heard/was told about the band. I hve no doubt in my mind that Led Zepplin were definatly one of the best bands ever, mainly because of the way they could all play together and be so good inidvidually.

As to Buddy's comment, for him to even take notioce of Bonham and know who he was, that surely shows that Buddy has some respect for the man.
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