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Originally Posted by Wormsrock
Keith Moon is amazing. The tracks "Won't Get Fooled Again" and "The Real Me" are two of the greatest drumming songs in history. Up there with Bonham and Peart.
YES!! But I would have to add in "Bargain". One of my favorites. It has great drummer, especially the end.

What I love about Keith Moon besides the aggressive playing and huge fills and constant cymbal crashes (he puts crashes in the darnest places), is his creation of drum parts was so unconventional. He didn't always play a basic HH, BD,SD beat he would incorporate different toms or cymbals, or no cymbals only drums during different parts of the songs. It really makes you want to listen to the songs. It especially added to the fact that the Who were telling stories through their albums, Rock musicals, and the drums part definitely lent themselves to that.
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