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I took one 30 minute lesson from Steve Smith in 86 I think. He was giving a clinic at moms music in louisville, ky that night and was in the store just standing around. I recognized him from the Journey Videos I had seen on MTV and asked him how Journey was going. He told me he had left the band and was doing ???? (dont remember but it must have been the begining of Vital Information) I was maybe 15 at the time so I didnt know squat.He asked me to play and at that time it was 4/4 ala every breath you take and that was about it for me. He corrected my posture, told me to relax my stick grip, choke up the stick and advised that I begin working single and double stroke rolls. Showed me mama dada because I could not do a good roll back then. He was a very soft spoken (almost too soft) and friendly guy. I was in the right place at the right time and he didnt charge me a dime. The guys in the music store informed him I was the local "fly on the wall" and that they had to run me off often because I would cut school to hang out in there. He took pity on me I guess. hehe I wish I could have another go at it now that im older, wiser and can play fairly well now. I had no idea at the time that he was such a monster because all I knew from him was Journey and my av drummers at that time was Bonham and Umm (giggles) Tommy umm Lee. Did I just say Tommy Lee ?
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