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I thought of Brad while reading the "under-rated" post so I'm starting this thread in hopes of gathering some critical opinions on his playing. He's not a big fill player and doesn't play odd-time signatures but he's capable of creating these monster grooves with Tim Commerford and Tom Morello. I've never, ever, seen crowds bounce as much as at a RATM concert. His approach is totally streamlined to perfectly fit their music, which is something I'm sure his appreciation for Hip-Hop music has taught him. I will admit though that as drum studies go, his records are tough to appreciate for their drumming value because of his enthusiastic use of open hi-hats and crash cymbals as steady 8th notes (its ear-splitting although effective for the material). His work on the latest AudioSlave record (Out of Exile) tones downs the splashiness and shows him letting loose with the fills a bit.

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