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Default Re: What made you want to play drums more than anything?

Originally Posted by BonzoJr48
We were all influenced by greats of the 60's 70's & 80's, but before you saw or heard them play, what attracted you to the drums?

My dad used to play drums when I was like 6, I used to sit in front of the bass drums and watch it vibrate and listen to how awesome that sound was. I loved that. After I was old enough to start playing I was then influenced by John Bonham, Neil Peart, e.t.c.

i started playing a year ago but wut really started it was my cousin will glaser, username=animalwills [i think] and when i visit him on easter hols and stuff, his playing sounded really good and i wanted to be a part of sounding good and the other thing that started me was that i wanted to play a instrument, i thought about a saxafone but i'd had to learn the clarinet first which i didn't want to do, then i started playing the guitar and i went on with that till a couple of weeks after the first 5 lessons which i had a my primary school 2yearz ago. the teacher was boring and we stayed on the same thing to learn for at least 4 weeks and it really was boring.
and then i went onto the drums where will my cousin came in. he is so cool at it cos hes been playing for 5 years now so hes got really good.
i'm going in for my first exam in june/july somewhere around those months and i'm doing grade 2 out of the guildhall music book so hopefully i'll pass because i've been practicing it alot!
i'm aged 12 now and i wanted to play the guitar when i was 10 and now drumming has taken over me and at my high school (earls high school in halesowen birmingham that used to be the grammar school) i can't stop talking bout it and i MIGHT be joining the earls orchestra and i'm the dudley junior wind and brass band's percussionist
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