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name: Kevin
age: 19
playing: varoius percussion for 6 years
origin of username: a nickname in high school. I also use it on the Sabian forum.
top 5 drummers: tough question...John Bonham, Neil Peart, Dave King, Joe Morello, and Ringo Starr are some of my faves right now.
make of drums: toms and kick are old Rogers R360...far from high quality but fine for now. I also have an aluminum Ludwig snare, and a Gretsch snare from the 50's.
make of cymbals: a mixed bag of Sabians, and a Wuhan china.
where do you practice: my room, i.e. my parent's basement :P, and at the university percussion studio (I'm currently between first and second years in music)
in a band: nothing serious yet, though me and my good guitarist friend are trying to get an experimental rock group going
favourite take-out:probably pizza
country: Canada
one really odd fact: my ears aren't the same size
ho did you get into drumming: my band teacher, in grade 7, decided I wasn't getting the baritone horn right, so she switched me to percussion. I had a lot more fun and have never looked back, it's the best thing I can do.