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Originally Posted by tambian89
I saw them play Dyer's Eve. Lars made no attempt whatsoever to even play the double bass part. He simply played slow 16th notes on the high hat, 8th notes on the snare, and played a single bass durm stroke on the "e"s. It was sad.

The only song I have ever seen him perform the double bass properly was "Harvester of Sorrow".

And for God's Sake - Get a Ride cymbal!!! This and the tom issue annoy me most. Get the two other toms back, and get a ride! He uses this China in the place of a ride, and it sounds horrible. In case no one noticed, Lars hasn't used a ride cymbal since Master of Puppets. Check it out!

I know that he uses a hihat at the part he uses the china, but I still hate it. GET A RIDE LARS!!!!!!!!

- Marc
What the hell are you talking about!? Lars used a ride in every album, but he played it as a ping cymbal! Do your research man!!!
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