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Originally Posted by Adam
In terms of being so far ahead of the race, I would definetly say that Virgil Donati is the Buddy Rich of the modern age. I know this is a bold statement, and I mean it in respects to Buddy Rich, but the thing is as time goes on the drummers are getting better and better and it's slightly niaeve to keep looking back at what HAPPENED when so many new innovations and techniques are happening NOW. That's not to say we shouldn't look back, and keep in mind this IS just my opinion, but I think someone like Virgil, who is the best example of dedication, is leagues beyond anyone else. Guys say he overplays, but I would almost PROMISE you that tons of guys said the same thing about Buddy, and we've even seen it with Weckl, and Coliauta in their time.

Now the question is who's the next Virgil Donati

And I would really rather not make this a huge flame war, and I'm pretty sure I came off too opinionated, so if this thread turns out to be a bad Idea it should probably be deleted.
I completely agree with your statements. Virgil deffinately is the Buddy Rich of our time and is beyond so many drummers out there in terms of skill, technique and style. I know its a small part of drumming but his ability to provide pleasing to the eye stick tricks is awesome he is an insane guy and someone i most admire. If anyone can get Steve Vai live in London his drum solo on it is the best drum solo i've ever seen except Buddy Rich's The Great drum solo with stick tricks.
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