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Yes Finn, I know what you mean and I am with you.

But before anonther discussion rises here, I'd really like to add, that what I sayed about Planet X was clearly not about Virgil - it was about the music of the band (and I think most of the stuff is written by Sherinian). What Virgil does with this band if freakin unbelievable. But I just plain don't like it. That is my own opinion and I stand for it.

BUT there are tons of other bands in this style, that I don't like either like Dream Theater or Marco Minnemanns Solo Projects (and I know Marco personally and he is probably one of the baddest mofas that have ever touched a drumset to say it with the words of Miles Davis, hehe. I love him - great german fellow great sense of humor, great drummer and songwriter. But still I just don't like his stuff - doesn't touch me).

So what I'm trying to say here is, that a) this is a discussion about music and has nothing to do with drumming to me and b) that it is really totally subjective - in other words it shouldn`t get personal because nobodys opinion is the right one - like Mark Schulmann always sayed: Opinions are like noses - everybody has got one.

And for all the guys that are into Virgil because of the flashy stuff AND all the guys that are into Gadd: Check out a german guy called Benny Greb. He is featured on this site and he is OUT OF CONTROL. I love him. If you don't know him, check him out.
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