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Wow - this is actually going somewhere!

First of all: Thanks Morgenthaler for these great examples. If you can up some more Gaddish stuff, go ahead, I'd love to hear it.

Secondly: Great and tastefull playing on all of those - I have to admit that I'd never thought of Virgil on those examples. Great.

Thirdly: As always - I'm with Finn in what he stated about inventiveness and being a true genius. To me, Virgil feels like a drummer that worked and practised his ass off, which is great. Other guys like Gadd or Vinne feel different to me (allthough they practised their ass off too...) - they have that certain creative spark that is hard to capture and that I love so much about them.

Last thing I have to say is about your comment on Planet X and mathematical music. You can trust me, that I am DEEPLY into that kind of stuff - I was a student of Ralph Humphrey and he is the godfather of oddmeter drumming. I also took lessons with a tablamaster from India and know some of the concepts of their music. I have a quite solid collection of indian classical music and some great stuff with Trilok Gurtu on it. In other words: I know what I'm talking about - not wanting to be arrogant here, don't get me wrong. But all this music is not about showing off. Plant X sounded to me like it was. Thats what I didn't like.

Just listen to some Peter Gabriel or Sting. Many Odd Meters right there, a lot of math. But it doesn't sound like math at all and thats the trick.

But to go @ topic again: Very nive playing and FINALLY a guy who posts stuff from Virgil that actually does sound like music and not just fancy drumming. Great. Thank you!

This should clear up quite some arguments that happened in this thread!
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