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Thanks for those. All well done, and credit where credit is due. However I can't really say I would mistake any of it for the likes of Gadd or Marotta. It's good, capable session playing - all power to him for that. But I don't honestly think we'd be talking about Donati if this was all he did, he'd be one of the many unsung solid working session players out there. He's known because of the flash, and the flash is what he does best - it's the thing that makes him a name in the drumming world.

None of the files posted above shows the kind of creativity or individuality in a groove context that you'd expect of Gadd, Marotta, Purdie or even one of the choppier session guys like Vinnie. Which isn't in any way damning, as those guys are absolute geniuses in that respect. But I do think the claims made placing Donati on the same level are hyperbole, somewhat.

Also, as the person who posted the reference to Virgil being referred to as "Virgin", I do agree - it's low, and not something I would stoop to. That was directly in response to a claim that Virgil is universally loved by pros everywhere, which is not my experience personally. I'd just like to clarify that I'm not making *any* claim of fact, and the person making the comment wasn't either - it was, I believe, more an obvious punned insult than any kind of rumour.
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