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Default Re: I'm here! - Billy Ward

Originally Posted by Anduin
Man, whatver you're doing, you're doing it right!

Bernhard is AT LEAST as "big" as anyone, thanks to his constant nurturing of this amazing website! He's the GREAND MASTER OF CEREMONIES!!! :D

And thanks to you folks! From all over the world, I'd guess. Feel free to visit my place. I recently eliminated the "snazzy home page" of my website because I felt it looked too vain - so when you go to, you go straight to our small forum. We have around 2000 visitors each day and less than 500 members (quite small) but I'm proud of the quality of membership and posts that we encounter there. So if you are looking for a small "clubhouse" to hang out - maybe check us out there.
Feel free to ask away about anything. I'll check in to Drummerworld frequently.
gotta go now-
thanks agian
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