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Why don't you upload some of this older material that you are talking about? Just some mp3 snippets if you don't have any permission. I'm sure everybody would be happy about that.

The stuff you said that would sound like Gadd or Marotta. I am positive that Virgil is able to play in this style... I just never ever heard him do that. I saw him playing with PlanetX and you can trust me that the music absolutely sucked. I left half into the show.

Sure: insanely well played, insanlely complex and an insane Drumsolo. The problem I had was, that there was just no musical expression whatsoever. Just plain showing off of technique and soloing ability.

Now I don't say, that these players can't play. Absolutely not. I know that Virgil is a Drumgod and that Sherinian is one of the most musical men walking around on this planet. Maybe I was just too stupid to get what they were doing.

So therefore.... I would REALLY REALLY REALLY love to here something else played by Virgil than the stuff posted here and on his site. I just don't like all this stuff since its only about technique and playing fast in odd meters....

Please - if you have some straight funk, pop or rock stuff.... or even Virgil swinging in a BigBand... Post it. Do all of us this favor and I'm sure that all the discussion will vanish within seconds.

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