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This just to tell everyone who might be interested (!) that Virgil's site has been relaunched with a couple of cool new features!
You can now pay per lesson and many new videohighlights of performances will air shortly.

I am moderating there, so you will see me jump in here now and then to defend him.

Many of the things written in this thread amazes me. Virgin Donati? I mean how low can you go? You have no idea what you are talking about, carrying on rumours and heresay.
Like I stated earlier I have a good collection of Virgils earlier work ( I've got about 50 albums), and he's got so much up his sleeve that none of his typical critics have heard ANYTHING of.

He was a platinum selling artist with Southern Sons back in Australia and Asia. Just because it didn't happen in Europe or the US, doesn't take anything away from it.
Another thing...The constant comparison of Virg vs. Buddy...
Buddy was a phenomenon. Virgil is a phenomenon. Buddy played swing music exclusively. Virgil plays straight ahead Rock/Pop/Power Fusion primarily, but rest asured he can swing.

Guess who Philly Joe Jones recommended to replace him in Bill Evans group when he, himself left? Virgil.

I am amazed at the level of hostility people show him.
He is a personal friend of mine -has been for more than 10 years, he's quite an extraordinary human being - aside from his drumming. Extremely inspiring to be around.

If you have any interest in improving technically or otherwise, check out his relaunched site :

Hope to see you there!
All the best,
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