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Default Re: Chester Thompson

Originally Posted by aahznightsky
So to those interested (maybe it's cooler than I think hehe) ... I'm kindof the third generation of Chester Thompson, as in my (monster) teacher was taught by Chester! Truthfully, I haven't heard much of Chester's playing though ... I don't any Zappa or Weather Report with him on it ... but they are on my to-buy list!
Your teacher must be very proud of having been taught by Chester. He unfortunately/ or fortunately (for him) spent his last 20 years playing with Phil Collins and Genesis. He's a very long time companion of Phil. Perhaps he made his choice somewhere, knowing that playing simpler but for thousands just brings more money. I respect that and would do the same. But still you can hear his personal mark on Collins songs when you hear him play. I even heard that he really had to get rid off his fusion-swinging style at the begining when he started to play with Phil, since he would play simpler. And more......not to subestimate, the British musicstyle had nothing to do with the American by that time and he's really like a Chameleon, he fitts himself into each situation.

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