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Default Re: The legendary Steve Gadd.

Originally Posted by Class A Drummer
Hey guys its time for another video of steve gadd. I dont think this is posted on his pg here on dw so here it is.

Gets really good 2nd half.
Thanks for the post. This is a terrific video. Stanley Clarke is way cool. Whenever I listen to him, I hear exactly where Victor Wooten is coming from. Well, that and Jaco, anyways.
Gadd sounds awesome. One of the things I love about Gadd is how he has all this great licks and they NEVER come off as sounding contrived or unmusical. I love how smooth his drumming is.... Really, one of the greatest drummers ever.
My teacher was co-hosting a jam once in Rochester, and Steve Gadd came and sat in. He brought down the house, did the mozambique with four sticks, etc, all his signature licks and so on. My teacher had to go up and play after that, he said it was the hardest thing he's ever done. A hard act to follow. He tried his best to play Gadd-inspired (you know ripping off all those licks that we can play but can't really play) and Steve said something to the effect of "I admire your commitment to my comping". Apparently he's just the nicest guy going too, incredibly humble and very fun to be around.
We love Gadd. I can't wait to see his clinic in TO.
M. Andrew Dyrda
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