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I saw Nicko this weekend at the Guitar show 2006 in London.

Nicko only played one Maiden song Run to the hills and Bruce Dickinson sang it.

The other songs he played were classic Rock, Deep Purple,Jimmy Hendrix,Queen, and a song called all the Young dudes which I don't know who did it. Nicko was very good, showing off where he could with triplets and accents, and trying to play all the kit in every song. Although I didn't like his version of Tie your mother down, he didn't stop where Taylor did and played Cymbals crashed where there weren't any.

Ta Nicko Fan

P.s Sonor fans will be pleased to know that although his kit was a Premier, the Snare he was using was one or his old Phonic snare drums. Nicko said that he had got it out of retirement to use it for the new album, and had just recorded the first 5 tracks on it.

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