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Originally Posted by tambian89
Eye of the Beholder:

I agree: only one person can be the best. I think currently Lars is just not playing as well as he used to. Considering that St. Anger (although it in no way compares to the original 4 Metallica albums) was a return to Metallica's roots (some of it is thrashy, but it is mostly alternative metal), Lars has not played much of the material. There was a 3 year hiatus for the band.

However, I still think that Lars, the drummer for the biggest Rock band in the world, has no excuse to not be performing as well. If I could recommend a few things, I'd tell Lars to a) get your old Granstar II with all 4 mounted toms, b) practice your double bassing, and c) get a ride cymbal, instead of using a china cymbal in it's place.

- Marc
Does he really have to practice his doulbe bass? have you already seen him live and did he mess up a little? Well I think I have heard that in the old days of metallica he often had to warm up for a long time for being able to play some songs with fast double bass but is this still the case?
I have also heard they have never played dyers eve live, is this true? (great song and pretty fast double bass)
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