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Tre Isn't a millionare hes just a normal guy with some money not looking to impress anyone with his drumming Tre got sponcered way before American Idiot was released hes a very talented drummer that has a great style to his drum playing I just have a complaint on Green Day. The thing is when I liked Green Day they had real punk fans people with mohawks and coloured hair and ya....... Reason I'm not into Green Day so much anymore is because there new stuff is at the limit where they have an image like The Used, My Chemical Romance etc..
And most of there fans our now 10 year old screaming girls "OHHHH BILLIE JOE IS SOOO HOT" and "TRE COOL IS SO CUTE AND HES THE BEST DRUMMER IN THE WORLD" and that's why there so popular today It's because there now officially one of the Boy Bands of
Today. You can ask any young girl if they know who Green Day is they would know but back then when Green Day were more punk then pop you could ask a little girl who Green Day was they wouldn't know It's funny how Green Day fans know there new stuff but not there old stuff and it ticks me off so I think Green Day is 100% pure pop/punk. I'm not so much into there new stuff but Tre Cool is an awsome drummer and deserves what he got but if he doesn't lose that make up crap and that goes for billie to then there going to be the next Good Charlotte so drumming will run in Tre's family I think Tre is going to teach his youngest son to play drums so It's going to run in the family and I bet his son is going to be a successful drummer to either that or hes not going to drum at all! and you all got to admit Tre has a nice kit for the american idiot album who wouldn't want a ludwig like that....
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