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Default Re: Introduce Yourself

real name? Toni
age? 17
how long been playing? I've been playing drumset seriously about 2 years and marching for 4
origin of user name? something that came about on the another drum forum being one of the only girls (that posted anyway)...some kind of weird pun that always leads to me being asked if I own a Blackbeauty snare drum....I don't
top 5 drummers? Well, if I HAD to choose: Antonio Sanchez, ?uestlove, Stanton Moore, Cindy Blackman, and Zoro
make of drumkit? cheap Enforcer; it was gift
make of cymbal? Sabian
where do you practice? my guitarist's barn-looking thing that we use as a kind of band room, or my bedroom
are you in a band/s? I'm working on something with some friends of mine, but with graduation and thoughts of going to college, I doubt it'll result in much
covers or originals? orginals
what style of music? the band is kind of funk-rock
favourite take out food? Italian
country? USA
one really odd fact about yourself? well, sometimes I put on my CD player and walk around air drumming...well, you wanted odd, right?
how did you start drumming? my dad got into hand percussion when he was in the military so I grew up with it all around me