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Default Re: Why do i keep breaking sticks

Originally Posted by Stiffler
whats up guys,
to explain my problem, i play a wide range of music. mostly now i have been playin a lot of metal/punk kinda thing. I have a problem of breakin sticks within like 10 minutes of playing. Some people say i play to hard, but thats rediculous, i beleive playing hard is the best way to go. But do any of you have any suggestions on which sticks would be best.
(also, id rather go with skinnier sticks than bulky ones, they feel better and i play better single rolls with them)


oh the people who tell you you're playing too hard are right. you know dude, no offense, but all the drummers i encounter who proclaim that playing hard is the way to go are 1. noobs or 2. long-time drummers that never learned or 3. very stubborn dudes who dont listen to their drum teachers. and friends and other drumemrs.

you know dude i bet i can whip up a louder sound than you do :P. i play metal and hard rock too and 75% alternative..

i know of this guy, a drummer in a highschool band [from my school of course] who opened for pro bands in a concert... dude he's got louder sound than the other pro rock bands there, and he hits more softly than the pro bands' drummers... point: playing hard isnt the way to go.

im ok with people who hit hard with good technique [imean sometimes you cant avoid it if you like have compulsively insane big muscles] . im not ok with people who use hard hitting as their technique..

oh about the sticks.... for my whole life i only owned two sticks. the first one broke only because it was chewed by the dog and it gave while i was playing jazz. the 2nd one is a 7A hickory noname... i still have it, around a year already. oh and did i mention i loooove rimshots and i play metal and hard rock?

oh yeah, there's also my friend who had owns a pearl forum. he still uses the vic firths that came with it. around more than a year now.. his drum teacher never looked at his hi hat hits so basically all the time he owned that pair of sticks he's been hitting the hats with the shoulder of the sticks right on the edge. the stick wont give, i tell you i think its possessed. im more concerned now about his brass hi hats. i think theyre gonna break sooner than the sticks hahaha :P
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