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Default Re: Dave Lombardo - Clinic @ Feedback (Full Video) *Part 6 ReUploaded*

Originally Posted by Dyaxe
hey guy's (sorry if this is in the wrong forum)

i recently downloaded this from off of a torrent website, which took me day's to download. Basically it's a video of a clinic Dave Lombardo (fantomas, slayer, testament, grip inc.) did sometime during 2004. I uploaded it at rapidshare. Because of it's file size being over 400MB, i had to break it up into 8 parts, each being around 8 minutes each. It's really fun to watch him play drums. As some of you might know, he never went to school for drums, so he doesn't know how to read music and explain things musically. anywaise, enough with the yapping, here it is:


(just to let you guy's know, the camera is far away in the begining, but dont worry, it zooms in after awhile)

credit goes out to Blowen_b from the derek roddy forum (the person who filmed this)


I would like to download file number 6,7, and 8... but it seems that at least number 6 is deleted! Is there anyone that could help me get the file?
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