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Now I am not the biggest fan of Greenday here, but when I do listen to some of there songs, it's simple but very catchy. Now that whole so-cal punk rock scene they play in that's what they kinda go for is the simplicity of things. And for tre-cool to work and work to make the drums more complicated or technical, I see no point, the way he plays now is what got him there in the first place, and the band has gotton so succesful, won a grammy, and made millions, I think its perfect for him to keep playing what he plays. There music attracts so many different people and influences so many kids to pick up instruments and start playing.

To me tre - cool is kinda a gateway drummer. Him and greenday get kids an poeple into music in a way where the instruments don't seem so confusing and then once people enter the greenday gateway they also enter a whole new world of music for people to explore. Then it is up to them whether or not they want to take it to the next step and follow some of the greats.

To me I agree with what Nutha said about the goods, and the greats, And really agree with what Bernhard said, "10000 drummers were getting better because they listened to Steve Gadd - that's great.

...but 2 Million people started drumming because of Ringo - that's great too."

Tre is kinda like the ringo of today.

These are my opinions on tre' cool.

Plus I like the singers voice, it's very catchy.
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