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after posting comments on the Dave Abbruzzese thread, I've come to realise that there has been no thread about Matt Cameron in the past!!

What do you think of him? don't just say "meh, nothing special", in which case I will argue against it, proving he's special! = )

He was the first person to give me a big push in drumming and has been one of the biggest inspirations ever since (even after I discovered drummers like Steve Gadd and Dave Weckl) . Before I'd heard Soundgarden, I knew nothing about odd-time drumming and other skills, and his drumming just blew me away (the first Soundgarden album I bought was "Down On The Upside", which has some of his best drumming tracks imo).

his drumming has restrained in the past two pearl jam albums, but i love his poweful killer-fills on some of the songs.

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