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Default Re: I'm here! - Billy Ward

Well this is a coincidence, that you're speaking about Billy and Thomas.

Just had the chance to meet them both ....same place - same time - nice and gentle guys and drum giants.

Yes it's true for me, that I can't and don't want learn the Thomas Lang stuff, but that will not mean, that young drummers should not know, what is possible..if you practice enough also.

But Billy is heavy grooving, demonstrated at the DW-Boot (not DrummerWorld sorry - DrumWorkshop) from scratch grooves from Ringo, Bernard Purdie and some more. His technique is more subtle and hidden, but believe me: phantastic Hi-Hat work, ghost notes...doublepedal syncopations, awesome fills --- just everything, and always grooving.

just if you wonder: in the picture is also Rob Wallis (Hudson Music)
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