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Default Re: I'm here! - Billy Ward

Originally Posted by NUTHA JASON
i feel the same way. you must have seen the thomas lang DVD. i feel like a tortoise when i see that.

for me the inspiration DVD is my LED Zeppelin DVD. disk two the knebworth show. the last footage of John Bonham and he is absolutely rockin'. when i watch that i am ready to drum.

Man, Thomas Lang ain't right!! I felt the same way you did after seeing some of that video. His drumming is pretty phenominal though. And as for Bonzo, I've seen some of the Zep DVD. My dad has it and played Moby Dick, which I believe is the same clip here on drummerworld, for me one day. The sound he had on his drums was so HUGE! Bonham was incredible. I haven't seen the Knebworth show though. I'm sure it's great.
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