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I've heard Thomas Lang has relocated from London to LA. I'm really hoping now that he's in LA that we'll get some decent music from him. Like an interesting sideproject, or gigs at the Baked Potato. I have enourmous respect for his techincal ability and his dedication. But, until he puts out some music that I personally like, or that I can at least appreciate, I won't consider him one of the 'greats'.

On a techincal level it's fine to compare him to some of the other clinician 'Gladiators' like Mangini, Marco, Virgil, as well as Vinnie, Weckl, Gadd. But IMO he's done nothing musically that will make me consider him as a 'great'. I understand why he does the session work, like Sugababes or Pop Idol tours. He's got a young family, needs to pay the bills like everyone etc. But loads of top drummers have a 'day job', or a big source of income. And they use this to fund their musical exploits. I realise the money is in session work, but I wish he'd get a band together, and really stretch out techincally and musically. Dave Weckl has his (awesome) band, Dennis Chambers has his solo records, Steve Smith has Vital Information, Virgil has Planet X, Vinnie has ... well, pretty much anything he's ever done!

IMO Lang's international reputation has been achieved solely through clinics and drum festivals. Which is fine to an extent, but you've got to wonder if he's satisfied doing the fake, commerical, bland session work and clinics. I'm still hoping for a killer band from him. I'd love it if he puts together a brilliant lineup, and stuns the drum world on a musical basis.
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