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Default Re: Introduce Yourself

age: 23
how long been playing: started like 10 years ago but been playing on and off
origin of user name: been using it on the net for some years now
top 5 drummers: just 5? steve gadd, billy ward, matt sorum, john bonham, cesar zuiderwijk
make of drumkit: don't own one
make of cymbal: same here
where do you practice: daily on my practice pad and at night my pillow
are you in a band/s: yes
covers or originals: both as long as I have fun drumming them
what style of music: mostly rock but there ain't really any style I don't like
favourite take out food: shoarma
country: the netherlands
one really odd fact about yourself: can't think of anything right now
how did you start drumming: just bangin' stuff