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Default Re: Cutting hole in resonant head of bass drum

Cutting a hole in the front bass drum serves two purposes. One, it is used for miking purposes to get a microphone inide the bass drum for a more isolated sound, and two, to reduce the resonance of the drum. The bigger the hole in the drum, the less resonant the drum becomes. Most companies that supply drumheads with a hole already cut in it have holes in the center of the drum about 10" in diameter, or a smaller hole offset about 6" in diameter. I personally prefer an even smaller hole, about 4" in the 4 o'clock position on the head to retain a good amount of boom but still being able to insert a microphone. If you aren't miking, I would not cut a hole out and tune the drum to get a big powerful sound. If you are miking, get an old head and experiment with hole sizes to find the amount of resonance you like before you actually make a hole. A great way to cut a hole is to find a metal circular object that is the size hole you want (I use a small coffee can). Heat it on a burner on your stove 'til it gets pretty hot, place it quickly on the drum head where you want it and press firmly. It will melt right through the head and give you a perfect hole every time. You may want to try it on an old head first. Good luck!
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