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Well, I came into this post late, but I'll agree with both sides. I don't think that Tre is doing anything special, and in my opinion, his grooves, from album to album sound similar. However, he lays down a nasty groove, keeps the beat, drives GD and fits with the other members' idiosyncrasies. GD wouldn't be GD if you took Tre away and say, put Matt Chamberlain in the spot. Matt is a great drummer, he just wouldn't fit with the whole GD theme. So, Tre is sponsored because he is a good drummer and he's in a good band. Companies want to be promoted, so if it's a question of how he became sponsored, well, GD sells tons of albums and tours, so his sponsors get publicity. If they sponsor you or me, they don't get as much out of the deal. Again, only my opinion.

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