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Default Re: Brian "brain" Mantia

I have always liked Primus. Claypool is a good bass player and Brain is a good drummer. His playing on the records is very good.

Anyway, during the latter part of last year I went to the Wembley Drum Exhibition to see some lovely drummers such as Jojo Mayer, John Blackwell, The Amazing Gregg Bissonette and.... Brain. I used to be heavily into Brain's playing and really liked Primus back in the day, so I was pretty excited to see what he has got to offer when flying solo.

I don't think I have ever said a bad word about a pro drummer in my life BUT he played really bad. His 'solo' was so so bad. He actually apologised after by saying it was "retardation". He knew it was bad and everyone in the crowd did. I have just lost repect for the man. I thought he was better than me, but after seeing this I seriously think I could have played most his solo with one hand.

I know everyone has their off days. I think he just lacked any sort of prep, which sucks as you really shouldn't act like that. John Blackwell's daughter had recently died and he put on a proper show. So I see know good reason for his behaviour. It flat out sucked.

Anyone else seen him play solo's etc live recently? Good or bad?
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