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Originally Posted by laurence_drummer
i think he's an awesome drummer with a cool attitude! he's definately a big inspiration to me and my drumming...i dont think Greenday could wish for a better drummer! so i love him, definatey one of my faves!

greenday could definitely get a better drummer if they wanted. they just dont want a new drummer.
what exactly do you mean by "a cool attitude"? i don't quite get it.
tre's drumming is simply great fun to listen to and to play to. that's why i like him, but he's not that great. i saw them playing live on tv (rock-am-ring concert on mtv2) and in some of the songs the speed was changing everywhere! not a very good timekeeper i guess.

yer, i do prefer tre to travis as well. at least tre doesn't sound like a drum-machine.
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