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Default Re: Freddie Gruber - GURU football...the best coaches are not always going to be ex-top players but rather very good and experienced players who are adept at watching a game or player and seeing the monor flaws that can be worked on and the strengths that can be worked with.
when i consider my collection of drumming DVDs almost all of them are by pro, talented, amazing drummers but asides from being interesting and inspirational the amount of actual learning i can glean from any of the DVDs is small...why? because for the most part these guys are not teachers. like football, you can watch an international match and be wowed by the skills of the players but then go out in the yard and you can barely do anything that you saw...but if you were talked through the method of say making a ball curve after you kick it, step by step with smaller exercises to cover aspects within the skill...and best of all taught by a coach who is watching you and guiding you back on track then you will soon be able to put a ball in the goal mouth from the corner. freddy is like one of those coaches.

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