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i heard dave krusen got fired simply because he was too weird (lol) and didn't fit in with the band.... but nevermind, he wasn't that great imo. Dave Abbruzzese was better.

Dave was a good drummer and since he was in the pearl jam's more 'mainstream' era when they were the biggest rockstars in the business, so he got his credit for it, which is great. he's not as good as Jack Irons or Matt Cameron though.
we cant really say 'he fit the music best at the time', because we don't know what the other drummers would've sounded like with pearl jam 'at the time' (when they wrote vs. and vitalogy) (krusen was fired, jack irons was mentally vulnerable and matt cameron was in soundgarden).
hmmm still don't kno why he got fired though...
i think he over-uses his huge collection of cymbals on "vs." though.

pearl jam seems to get a better drummer every time... Dave Krusen---->Dave A----->Jack Irons------>and now... the mighty Matt Cameron!
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