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Whats up friends i havnt posted on this thread in a while, good to see its still up there.

Firstly people are saying that the percussionists are not needed, but i can tell you they are for very good reasons. They diffinately can be heard in their music and if people deny that then your listening ability is terrible and you shouldnt be a drummer. They inhance live performances as their sound is louder and more brutal, which of course is what Slipknot are all about. And last of all they are in there for the band. Slipknot try to do everything differently and their own way, and appearence is one of the things which contributes to this. They are needed in there and true Slipknot fans know that, because if they were taken out or werent in there, they wouldnt be what they are today.

As for the person who said listen to real metal, your a joke! By the looks of my name you would probebly say i have no idea about metal, i mean korn and slipknot, they dont have critics at all. But i did that because i try and be different as well, im not one of those metal fans that say nu metal is totally crap when it isnt. Lamb of God and Shadows Fall are good bands, but if you want to start talking like that i would say maiden, priest, metallica, those sort of bands that made metal what it is. Slipknot are insane and for those people that say nu metal is bad and doesnt compare, then you ignorent and only limit your own musical taste.

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