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Default Re: Why do i keep breaking sticks

Originally Posted by Stiffler
whats up guys,
to explain my problem, i play a wide range of music. mostly now i have been playin a lot of metal/punk kinda thing. I have a problem of breakin sticks within like 10 minutes of playing. Some people say i play to hard, but thats rediculous, i beleive playing hard is the best way to go. But do any of you have any suggestions on which sticks would be best.
(also, id rather go with skinnier sticks than bulky ones, they feel better and i play better single rolls with them)

I also hit pretty hard. If i hit to hard on my ride (bell) I will break it at the shoulder.
For rim shots they fall apart in the middle. What I have done is take clear packing or moving tape and wrap a thin layer, about 6 inches long, around the middle (2 inch wrapped tight in rim shot area) and right under the head of the stick . About 1 inch. They last about three times longer.

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