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Default Re: Dave Abbruzzese

IMO Dave Krusen was the best drummer for Pearl Jam. He did only "Ten" with them (studio) and left straight after that for family reasons. His sound & ideas are just amazing and they seem to fit exactly to the music of this particular group. Plus he seemed to move P.J. to a music direction that they never seemed to quite catch again after his departure.

Also "Ten" is such a good album (if you are/where into this music) since every single one of the songs is great - contrary to the following albums.

It's no wonder that "Ten" has sold 12million copies (by far the top-seller) while the newest ones are selling around 500.000.

Sorry if I got a little of topic here, but I didn't see Dave Krusen anywhere in the forum and I think he's a really good drummer and for P.J. the best choice IMO ofcourse.
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