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I'm not really into Blink 182, but I feel as if I have to defend Travis. I have heard way too many people slate him.

Many people in his situation (i.e. playing in a popular mainstream band whose fans are probably about 12-18 years old) could do so much less on the kit and they would still be successful. He is playing some well learnt chops and busting out solos at gigs, which not many other pop chart acts do. I also think that he is making a lot of young drummers (who may not really be exposed to 'good' drumming) learn more about drums, as you need to know some chops to play his stuff.

The rudiments he is doing on his page on this site are pretty good. Sure, he is fast, BUT he is precise too. I think he is a good drummer. He is no Vinnie Colaiuta, Dennis Chambers etc etc, but he is still good.

Respect is due I think.
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