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Default Re: I'm here! - Billy Ward

Originally Posted by rendezvous_drummer
hey billy. one question about the DW stands you use and endorse. I saw an ad with you and the stands in DRUM or MD, can't remember which one, but the stands don't look too sturdy. How do you think they compare to other stands. They look lightweight.
Hi! I use all the DW stands - the ad you are mentioning is their LIGHTWEIGHT series - so yeah, they ARE lightweight. But they are also very sturdy - if you are a true basher, I would avoid. Otherwise, that 6000 series is a great deal - and it's what I'm using if I'm doing the lifting! :D

Also - yeah, Mark Craney. I'm honestly still speechless - I hope you saw the Modern Drummer magazine feature about him. It has two wonderful articles - one by Robyn Flans with quotes from many drummers who knew Mark - and the other by Doane Perry (Jethro Tull) who was very close to Mark and it is a WONDERFUL read. I saw Mark play with Jean Luc Ponty and Gino Vanelli 9this was before I knew him) and he totally killed me. I learned a ton just by watching him. (Hi Mark - you are missed)
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