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Originally Posted by Dill X
Keith Moon was completely out of his mind. Plain and simple.
Ah, that's holarious, and totally true, but that's what I love about him.

His philosophy was that drums could be a lead instrument. You have to understand Keith, you have to learn to love him as a person. He was such a character. (I read a biography, because I am not impressed with his drumming either)

Keith Moon was a ball of energy. He played the drums with more passion and energy perhaps than anybody. That is what is great about Keith Moon. He practically made the who who they are. He loved to fill so much because he played exactly what he felt. He never held back, and that's okay. He was totally free, and it fit perfectly with the music. Perhaps he couldn't have been a studio or jazz drummer, but what he did contribute was the soul of the Rock and Roll Drummer to the max.
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