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Default Re: I'm here! -

Originally Posted by billy ward
I purposely spend time on the internet - not only with my site but visiting all the other drummer sites.
My point is - the internet has provided us all with information and the world is changing. ... I KNOW I can always count on ourselves, (us drummers) to get along and grow together. I think it's up to us how we use the internet - but it is a potentially wonderful thing!
Yeah, 15 years ago pretty much all we had was books and maybe a few drummer friends and acquaintances. Now, with so many talented people on the 'net, I'm floored by how much we can learn off each other so easily (duh, stating the obvious).

One of the highlights of the web experience, for me anyway, is places like this (big thumbs up to Bernhard). Where else could focused interest groups like us drummers get together so easily and so often? Hanging with like-minded peeps just makes drumming even better. I learn stuff on here by osmosis without even trying!
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