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Default Buddy Rich concert clips previously unpublished

Hi everybody,

I'm a lifelong drummer, (since 1964) and was hugely influenced by Buddy Rich, as many of us were. I've also traded links with Bernhard since around 2000, and am a big DrummerWorld fan.

I've been compiling previously unpublished concert clips of Buddy and his bands, contributed by drummer friends and me, and am hosting them (free to download, of course) on my site at (previously NextCraft™)

If you have unpublished audio clips, video clips, or photos that you would like to share with other drummers, please email me, and I will happily host them. This is a completely non-profit venture. I host the files for free, properly crediting the source they came from, and make no money of any kind from that. It's just sharing great music with others.

I encourage those of you who have these things "in your closet" to consider allowing the rest of us to hear and see them.

- Mike James
(Free book download, "Drumming for Life™")
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