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Originally Posted by Anchein Vouivra
It doesn't seem so much appriciated by fans, but I love the most "I". I was intruced to Meshuggah by this EP and it's one the best metal piece i've heard. Makes me feel i'm breathing frozen air !
"I" is great stuff. I really enjoy it too, it's some of the most vital recent Meshuggah stuff. It sort of reminds me of a cross between some of the stuff on Fredrik's solo album and Chaosphere.

I got on board with Chaosphere after reading an interview with Haake in Modern Drummer. I don't really think that Meshuggah have yet managed to make the album they have the potential to realise, but I'm hoping they do it one day. Every single one of their albums since DEI has had at least flashes of utter genius.
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