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I saw him perform a duet with Horacio 'El Negro' Hernandez last summer at the Berklee Percussion Festival. It was short and Mike was not the main feature. i do think it's cool that he can do all the strokes in one minute, but i really like him for his drum sound (i've only heard him on three records (mullmuzzler by james labrie(of dream theater)). unfortunately, i can't say i'm ready to listen to everything mike is on for i'm not right now interested in annihilator or extreme. he is a good musician, but i respect him for his drumming sound, not his speed. he is just an exception to a good fast drummer. you never know, there can be a drummer who can play a million strokes under a minute yet cannot play music. drums are just like every other instrument, set up to entertain people musically. speed does not always imply to music. I wish some people would recognize mike mangini for his musical talent, not his world record speed. but hey, that's just me.
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