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In the field of proggresive drumming, I feel Mike has actually done a lot. Even though yes, there are drummers out there of whom could be more inspiring to others (maybe this isn't true, if not, leave a post), you have to admit that there are many things that mike does that is unique to his music. They are:
-his double-bassing technique (it's not about the speak, its about how he can play more than just single rolls on his feet). if you listen to some of his recordings (such as Scenes from a Memory: Strange Deja Vu) you can here he plays a beat containing the bass drum playing flams. This is why I like his double bass technique.
-all of his cymbal work, he can play time on two or more cymbals
-finally, his odd time playing; not many drummers are able to do what he does (IMO)
Even if you absolutely hate Dream Theater (like my older brother), you still have to admit that thesee guys are at least talented.
PS. I like Liquid Tension Experiment, OSI is a novelty(not really a 'Mike' band), and Transatlantic is OK, not one of my favorites (though Mike does play great)
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