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Neil Peart is one killing drummer. He definitely goes down in history as one of the greatest drummers. Neil Peart is the reason I started playing drums. I think Neil Peart does his solos in a way that makes it look easy for him.
Now let me talk about Rush. Even though I think Rush makes good music, there is something about them(not just Neil) that makes them musically inspiring. While many bands may just go on with the same style and music for decades, Rush has shown many changes. I know there are some that don't exactly like the 80's sound of Rush, but you have to admit that on every record; Geddy, Alex, and of course Neil show their instint mastery of their instruments. I find it unique that Rush has changed it's sound from time to time. They started with a Zeppelin Clone (their self titled debut with Rutsey) to an amazing hard proggresive rock band in the 70's. Just as this was a unique transition, the 80's held a new surprise. For one, I actually really like the 80's sound of Rush. Yes, you could say it does not have the hard sound of the 70's, yet you have to admit that they still had their own unique sound. And come on, at least they were not becoming sell-outs or pop stars. I even like the modern alternative sound to Rush. No matter what the sound, I always find Rush to be one of the best and most underrated bands in the world (though we as musicians recognize the talent of Rush, Rolling Stone magazine proves to still be an arragont group of music snobs; but that's just my opinion). Neil Peart is God!
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