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Default Re: Philly Joe Jones

Originally Posted by fabdrums
.. I -do- love Mister'.Philly.' Joe Jones. I have collected all his records-Long--Playings's ..O N L bands-leader(at his mane). As Videos-'drummers'-collectionist I have found around others-collectors some live-concerts with 'Philly' Joe Jones.Very very ..impressive.. to see how he 'masters' the brushes and the way he 'rolls'-accents on snare-drums.. I also have his 'R A R E' -Brushes- method of -12-strokes-'diagrams'. I -do- love .Mister'.Philly.' Joe Jones...! ciao fab-'drums'-
I also have his brush method book. Philly Joe is one of my favorites. I was collecting all of his albums for awhile (don't have them anymore), even the Count Dracula one where he does a dracula impression on the record.
I start with the Miles stuff, 'Milestones', 'Round Midnight. Then I got as many Blue Note records I could with him on it. His solo stuff, "Stop Look and Listen" and Tadd Dameron compositions album are amazing. The intros and solos he plays are great. He knows the arrangements so well and plays all kinds of melody stuff throughout. Kind of like Tony Williams, the intro solo sets up the tune, and you can hear the song in the solo and then the band comes in. A great lesson in musically drumming.
Sonny Clark's 'Cool Struttin' is a great one also with Philly Joe.
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