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Default Re: I'm here! -

Originally Posted by billy ward
Well, jeez, I'm just one out of our family of drummers. Thanks for such a great welcome!
Bernhard - I hope you know how much fun it was to meet you at Musikmesse- and inspiring as well (esp. to hear about your drum kit and it's date of manufacture). And yes - I think i will see you again next year - plus hopefully do some clinics in Europe!

I purposely spend time on the internet - not only with my site but visiting all the other drummer sites.

I remember going to Yugoslavia in '86 (when it WAS Yugoslavia) and playing at a music festival with saxaphonist Bill Evans SuperGroup. I moved to LA and Dennis replaced me... bummer :(
(he IS pretty good though, huh? :D)

Some of the drummers there had never even seen a picture of Buddy Rich - let alone heard many drummers in person! Yet they were asking me about Buddy and others...
I remember giving all my sticks and extras away to drummers who were playing taped together stickes that I would've thrown out ages ago. My point is - the internet has provided us all with information and the world is changing. Sometimes I am afraid of where we are going in our wacky world - but I KNOW I can always count on ourselves, (us drummers) to get along and grow together. I think it's up to us how we use the internet - but it is a potentially wonderful thing! Bernhard has given us the biggest and best and fastest conduit around! Thanks Mr. B!

So here we go!... Let's share more info. I am happy to give my 2 cents-answer to any question. Feel free to dish away. If I have strayed away - come over to my site and reel me in! You know, answering questions (or teaching) only firms up one's self-beliefs! So I gain from this as well. And with that - I'll say - THANKS!
Billy would you mind looking at my webiste while your looking at drumming sites?....It's ..... this is so cool to be able to chat with you...thanks to Bernard and his awesome forum!....Thanks Bernard!
"I drum, therefore I'm cool"
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